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Not a Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On


Our optional April theme for {In the Picture}, the self-portrait project I’m participating in, was “Shake It Out.” Last weekend I took my camera and tripod and headed down to a spot by the river that I knew was likely to be deserted. I experimented with taking photos of myself whirling and twirling and jumping around, though it felt pretty silly. Most of the photos ended up looking pretty silly, too, in my opinion, at least.

Trying for Takeoff

In spite of that, I enjoyed moving and stretching and just basking in the beautiful, warm sunlight. And I did “shake it out” to the extent that I got some nice relaxed selfies at the end of the shoot that I like a lot. Here are a couple:

Perfect Accessory

Life is Good

Though I still feel self-conscious about it, I’m beginning to feel more comfortable in front of my own camera. I realized as I went through these images that the main reason I didn’t care for the “prancing and dancing” ones is that they really do not express who I am. They might picture my physical self, but they do not portray me — my real, inner self. That’s what I want my self-portraits to do.


Linking up with Christy at Urban Muser for April’s {In the Picture} linky party.

14 thoughts on “Not a Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

  1. Life is good is the you I know. Also love Windblown.

  2. I know exactly what you mean!! I did do the one twirl and felt very silly!! This style is just not me either! I love your relaxed portraits; they’re all beautiful! My favorite is Life Is Good!

  3. I like that last image….a sense of mystery about it. I also like the one where you’re looking down at the accessory. Accessorize makes the outfit. Unfortunately I don’t normally take that advice.
    Nice to see you in pictures, but better in person. Hope that will be soon.

  4. even if you didn’t like any of the twirly shots you took, i am glad you had some fun doing it–that’s all part of the journey. i love that one with the dandelion in your hair! thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month.

  5. I’m really loving that final shot, but they’re all very cool. It’s fun to see what people come up with for the selfies. Though I signed on to do this, I’ve fallen down in my attempts. (yeah). happy day to you.

  6. You do look so happy and relaxed in your post jumping portraits. The last one does have a lovely mystery to it. I really couldn’t get into the whirling and twirling either.

  7. Neat idea, although I would feel uncomfortable too! Great photos Lee!!!

  8. These are awesome! I love ‘windblown’ the most. Number 2 and 3 are very, very nice.

  9. All of these are fun, and I love the title for this post. I like “Life is Good” the best…you look so at ease and happy there!

  10. Great set. My favourite is the one of you with the dandelion in your hair, just beautiful. I have not mastered the jumping shot at all, so I take my hat off to you for getting it! Great set and I completely understand when you say you want your self portraits to portray who you really are – that’s what I want to do too and for me, that’s what makes a great selfie.

  11. These photos are precious. Love the one with your big smile and the yellow dandelion behind your ear. It is gorgeous. Wow….you have really done a great job. genie

  12. You did better than I would have. I don’t like stepping in front of the camera at all. I love how you processed the last shot (windblown). It is a definate profile picture. =)

  13. Points and kudos for trying that jumping and shaking in front of the camera. Windblown – the processing is stunning and I love the calm expression on your face – the one that says, “I know who I am”.

  14. Adorable set of images. Love the jumping for joy.

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