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On the Hunt 6.9.13


It’s Sunday and Scavenger Hunt time again! This week’s prompts were an interesting bunch: Dishes, Favorite Color, Sunflare, Expression, and Sticky. Without further preamble, here we go.


DSC_1793Mystery Dish

I’m fascinated by this bowl that my sister bought at a rummage sale this spring. It’s about 8 inches across, a bit uneven, crudely hand decorated. It’s old and much used — the blue-green inner glaze is scratched and dull and the top edge is chipped and worn all the way around, as if it had been used for years to hold keys and change. It has no identifying markings on it. It’s probably a souvenir from someone’s trip to Chinatown years ago, but it’s more fun to imagine that it was unearthed on an archeological dig somewhere in far-off Asia.

Favorite Color:

DSC_1743Pretty in Pink

It’s not very sophisticated of me to admit it, but I love pink in all its many incarnations. Cool pink, warm pink, hot pink, these oleanders have it all. I also happen to love oleanders; their sweet scent transports me back to childhood summers. Where I grew up, they were just about the only flowering plant I knew. They’re supposed to be poisonous and we knew better than to put them in our mouths, but that didn’t stop us from playing in and under and around them. I used to weave the leaves into floor mats for fairy houses.


DSC_1773-2Rim Shot

DSC_1762Little Green Apples

Our apple tree, which earlier in the spring was loaded with blossoms and bees, is now loaded with fruit. It looks like we’ll have a bumper crop along about September. I don’t often go out to deliberately create sunflare, but I had fun playing with my camera and the late afternoon sun under the apple tree for this prompt.


DSC_1688What You Lookin’ At?

I don’t know, do birds have expressions? This one sure seemed to. He helped himself to dinner, then sat on the perch for another five minutes, grooming himself and stretching this way and that, before humming off to wherever.


DSC_1638Opal Essence

These sparkling gems are actually drops of pine sap, fallen from a freshly trimmed tree limb. Anyone who has ever gotten this stuff on their hands knows that it is practically the definition of sticky.

And that’s my take on the hunt for this week. Linking with Ashley for Scavenger Hunt Sunday — come along and join in the fun!

24 thoughts on “On the Hunt 6.9.13

  1. Amazing bird catch. WOW

  2. Love them all! But I was expecting to see a photo of YOU under “Dishes.” 🙂

  3. Love these, Leon! The mystery dish looks like a great story starter (which you alluded to). Love the oleander and your memory flashback. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen oleander, but they, and their colors, are beautiful! Rim Shot is absolutely stunning! Love the bird. Great eye/great catch… another story starter! That sap reminds me of the summer I wound up in the hospital during Maine vacation with my car parked under pine trees. Ate right through the car finish on the hood! Hate that sap, love your picture!

  4. Great post this week. Great images this week. Sun flare suits you! That bird totally has an expression. Pink? Really? Pink powder puff pleasantly plush preset action with baby powder pansy peach pastel punch? Hmmm. I know you miss me. Love the way you describe that bowl. I bet it looks pretty against the colors of your landscape surroundings.

  5. That sunflare is AMAZING! Great shots!

  6. I enjoy your commentary/rationale for each photo–but your rim shot image needed no elaboration–fantastic!

  7. Beautiful set! I love them all, but my favorite is the hummingbird! That is one amazing image. So glad he posed for you!

  8. I love the pic of pine sap. My grandfather used to collect pine amber for us when we were little and taught us how to harden it into something akin to glass….beautiful then…beautiful now 🙂 thanks for the memory!

  9. Lee – such an interesting set! I love where your imagination takes you relating to the mystery dish – so much fun to think about its history. Gorgeous pinks – you have captured every shade. Wondrous sun flare – through the leaves and branches of the apple tree. And that bird most definitely has an expression and personality – lovingly caught by your camera – he’s a little puff-ball, isn’t he? And I love the diamonds of sticky sap – such an unusual shot – I would never have guessed what it was.

  10. I really like the bowl and I don’t care much where it came from…I think the bird capture is great. Don’t you just love when they come to visit and then just fly off as if to say…OK…I’ve got other plans now.

  11. Beautiful shot of the little green apples!

  12. I love your hunts, Lee. The hummer is outstanding! All of these are wonderful!

  13. Great set from start to finish.
    Such a neat little dish, it does make one wonder what tales it could tell of it’s origins.
    Your Sun Flare shot of the apples is really pretty.
    How fun and cool that you captured that darling little humming bird actually sitting still.

  14. My daughter’s parking spot used to be right under a pine tree. Sap got everywhere on her car! Very sticky!

  15. Great set. I absolutely adore that dish, so pretty. And I really think that birds do have expressions – you’ve captured that one beautifully!

  16. Great items. Love the dish, it is so unique and I am sure somebody treasured it for years. Makes me wonder about the story behind it. Tree sap is the worst, especially when the dogs get it on their feet and then everything sticks to their feet. Turns into quite the mess.

  17. These are great choices for the prompts, Lee!
    I especially like the bowl.
    What a neat find!

  18. I sauntered over from Wilderness of Words and her Father’s Day post… glad I visited… the Scavenger Hunt sounds cool. Nice shots I especially like the sticky. You are correct, once you get pine sap on your fingers it is very difficult to get it off and it smells so wonderful. Have a great day.

  19. I think you had a successful scavenger hunt. Great photos Lee! I really like the photo of the sap droplets. I wonder if Oleander can be placed in the garden in Pennsylvania and survive. Must research this.

  20. These are gorgeous. I especially love the tree sap photo. We live near a lot of pine trees and that stuff does not come out — but it’s beautiful in your photograph.

  21. Beautiful, these wonderful pictures are giving much joy:) Greetings

  22. I’m with you…love the pink! And, the tree sap…they look like diamonds…Wonderful finds, Lee!

  23. I do like pink as well even though it is not my favorite color (that would be orange). The oleander looks lovely! Yes, birds do have expressions – at least the ones that come into my yard. Your shot is fabulous!!!

  24. Love the sticky image, and the mystery dish especially. And the defiant little hummer, too!

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