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Photo-Heart Connection: October 2013


Kurt_UlysHangin’ Out With My Boys 49/365

This month’s Photo-Heart Connection image chose itself. In the midst of packing and preparing for my imminent move back to the East Coast, I took a few days off and drove up to Santa Cruz to visit my son and grandson. It’s a beautiful area, and I took a lot of photos. It was a good trip.

I loved watching my son and his son interact — he clearly adores that little boy. I took this photo with my iPhone as we were walking to the nearby train station to watch the steam train my boys call Thomas come in. My grandson is dressed proudly in his engineer’s overalls. A fascination with trains, especially old-fashioned steam locomotives, runs deep through several generations of men in the family.

It was hard to walk away from the chaos of getting ready for a cross-country move, to take the time out for that drive north. but I’m so glad I did it. That’s usually the case when I finally do something I’ve spent a lot of energy agonizing over in advance. That’s a lesson I wish I could learn once and for all, so I could stop all the angst beforehand. But that’s not really the Photo-Heart Connection here.

The deep connection is the family connection. Our history and the ties that bind. And the reminder that no matter which coast I live on, a part of my heart is going to be missing the other one, and the loved ones left behind there. Short of cloning myself, there doesn’t seem to be any solution to that dilemma.

And now, back to the packing. It’s almost finished. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be back in Maine.

That’s my PHC for October. You can join in on this monthly linkup yourself at The Kat Eye Studio.

21 thoughts on “Photo-Heart Connection: October 2013

  1. You’ll be so glad you took the time to visit with them before you move back east. Treasure those times with family and friends. It’s precious! — Michele at Sweet Leaf, visiting from PHC.

    • Michele, you’re so right. It’s one of those things that, beforehand, I wonder how I can possibly do, then afterwards wonder how I could possibly have considered NOT doing it.

  2. Lovely walking path. Leon, for what it’s worth I think you made a good decision. Aside from family attachment, there is your love of the lush northeast coast. Be careful with your long drive home.

  3. Hey, I know those guys! Nice to see them! šŸ™‚

  4. I feel the heart ache in this, and the joy of spending even a few hours with family. My own children are several hours away and visits are few and far between. Thankfully, this is the digital age and we can communicate far more frequently that we did when I was a young mom raising children. No doubt you are exhausted. I’m sending you all the positive vibes and light and peace that I can!

  5. Beautiful image, and a lovely post. A great Photo-Heart Connection.

  6. I don’t think there could possibly be a more perfect Photo-Heart connection than this. Those overalls and talk of Thomas the Train takes me back to when my son was that age . . . and Boom! There I am in a lovely melange of memories. Thank you!

    Good luck with your move. Safe travels.

  7. That cloning thing – that would solve lots of problems, wouldn’t it? In that case, you would find me in Texas with my son, and Illinois with our grandson and here with my mom and daughter. But since that doesn’t seem to be a realistic option, we can only keep those family bonds strong and place our physical self in the place that makes our heart sing. I SO admire you for picking up and moving back East – to the place that speaks to your heart. Such a wonderful image of the bond between father and son.

  8. What a perfect Photo Heart connection, Lee.
    Travel safe, my friend.
    Maine is such a beautiful place to be!

  9. Beautiful PHC. I love the way the fence zig zags, kind of like life. Good luck with the move.

  10. WordPress is not my friend today…posting again….Love this heart connection. And I must have missed your last post as I had no idea you were moving back to Maine! Congratulations on making what must have been a very hard decision. Good luck with the move. x

  11. “A lesson I wish I could learn once and for all, so I could stop all the angst beforehand.” Wow, don’t we all have those! But by acknowledging it and stating it, I think it helps. And you are right, you will always be missing one place or another. I’m glad you had the time with your boy and his boy, and have the time to know where you truly want to be. I can’t wait to see you in Maine! Good luck with the move, and thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection in the midst of the craziness.

  12. Hi, I have been gone for a month, so certainly didn’t see this move coming!!! Having relocated way too many times, I can fully commiserate with you!! But sounds like the work is past and you are ready to leave…What an adventure! But also what a heartache to leave family behind. Our five are spread out all over and it takes energy, creativity and love to keep one’s family solid and intact. I know you will be up to that….I hope your new home and surroundings totally please you and meet your wishes and desires. I also hope that you are able to travel via phone or plane to your family during the year. You must be so happy that you took the time to “hang out with your sons.” What a treasure the photo is that you shared and all others that you took. So from Sea to Sea, happy journey. smiles: sharon

  13. Such a meaningful selection for October, Lee. The pull of family is so strong — I can relate to your dilemma, as we have a daughter (and family) on each coast. We don’t get to see the East coast family very often, and it makes me sad. But we live in the area where our hearts connect and we are happy here. I know you gave your decision a lot of thought, and your place is back in Maine. I wish you an easy transition and look forward to your seeing your photos from Maine.

  14. Yes, the pull of family is strong. Take the photos, take the memories, and share them here. I love this practice of Kats and I wish you well for your move. A beautiful PHC.

  15. My connection last month was similar. I had gone to visit my mom this summer, in a house I had never been because she moved. But I realized it wasn’t the house or the things in it so much as it is the people who come to the table. Wonderful connection, and hope your move was successful!

  16. My son told me today that he’s thinking of moving to Oregon. From Boston. (My husband’s family is all out there) … who knows if he’ll actually make this happen – all I know is that it immediately exposed that place in my heart that lives slightly torn in two. I connected to your connection – and hope that your move to “my” coast goes smoothly!

  17. such beautiful light, and such a wonderful image…. love the way your little boy is taking the ‘road less traveled’, following the fence, and how he is still so connected to your son walking the straight line.

  18. This is a wonderful photo, and I really like your thoughts about it (and how cute is your grandson in his engineer gear??). None of us can ever be everywhere we want to be, but I think you’ve made a wise choice by returning to the place that makes you feel truly whole, because when you are situated where you feel best (geographically, emotionally, etc.) you are better able to be the best you can for others in your life. Good luck with the move…

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